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0ne of the major hallmarks of Cancer is the aberrant epigenetic modifications in chromatin machinery by which the cells attain a limitless atypical replicative state potentiating cellular proliferation and tumorigenesis that metastasize to distant organs if unchecked. Cancer remains a major burden and public health problem despite the molecular understanding of the disease. The advent of new Omic technologies for profiling different tumors has led to the identification of molecular subtypes of cancers that guide robust early diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic interventions.



Main Objectives:

𐰥 Elucidating epigenetic mechanisms driving cell cycle in different cancer types

𐰥 Omic profiling of tumors of Head & Neck, Cervical and Prostate Cancers

𐰥 In vivo PDX models for targeted clinical trials specific to personalized medicine

𐰥 Identify and validate biomarkers for early detection and diagnosis of cancer and its recurrence

𐰥 Epigenetic role of Cdks in meiosis

𐰥 Tissue regenerative role of Cdks


Cdk1 in Liver Regeneration

Cdk1 Liv Reg-1.jpg

Cdk2 as Chromatin remodeler

Cdk2 Meio.jpg

Mouse models for Prostate Cancer

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